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A place where we can come together and help one-another with our pet's health issues and treatment  
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Pet Illnesses

We all love our pets! Pet illnesses can be hard to cope with. Most of us think of our pets as our children, they are our companions, friends and sometimes protectors. I have owned many pets throughout my life, several standout as truly exceptional. Of all the pet illnesses in my life I have had to deal with, lympthoma cancer is the hardest so far.

This web site was inspired by my Schnauzer Bitsy. A great pet,she is a much loved member of our family and , was recently diagnosed with lymphoma cancer. She is currently going through chemotherapy, and I found myself wishing for a place to talk about it. Not finding a place devoted to discussion of pet health issues, I decided to create this site.

Let's share our love and concern for our pets, help each other cope with their illnesses, and come together with ideas and solutions for the different problems that befall our beloved companions. We can share treatment ideas, symptoms, diagnosis and just plain have a shoulder to cry on from time to time.

Feel free to post, or comment on other's posts. Also, please bookmark this site, and if you have a web site, a link to us would be appreciated.

This is a FREE non-commercial site. There is no advertising, no membership fees, or any other thing that costs you money. This site is a labor of love, intended to provide a place of help and compassion for your ailing pet. Regardless of what kind of pet you have, or it's problems, it is my hope that you will find a home here.

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Say Hello To Bitsy!Bitsy
Bitsy is 10 years old and recently diagnosed with lymphoma cancer. She is on chemotherapy, and is doing quite well.

 Pet Illnesses like lymphoma does NOT mean a death sentence!